According to The Indian Express, Huawei is working on a gaming console to take on the likes of Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. In addition, it is also reportedly working on notebooks dedicated to gaming.

There is no expected date of Huawei’s gaming console debut. However, the company will launch a set of gaming notebooks adding to its current lineup. There is no word about the specifications of the upcoming gaming console or the notebooks but it will try to break the duopoly created by Sony and Microsoft with their gaming consoles over the years. Recently, Nintendo’s sales have considerably increased, thanks to the Switch console.

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It has been a tough period of two years for the Chinese tech giant as their smartphones cannot install the licensed version of Google Apps on their Android devices. Huawei Technologies also had to let go of the Honor smartphone business earlier this year after the US cut the chip supply.

The company is yet to make any official announcement about the gaming console or the new notebooks. It is yet to be seen which platform it will be based on, exclusive games that will be available on it, and how it will rival the gaming console heavyweights.

Huawei may use its own HiSilicon chips in upcoming gaming laptops. The company’s HiSilicon Kunpeng 920 chip is based on Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) and has already featured in the MateStation B515 computer with AMD Radeon 430 GPU.

Meanwhile, the latest gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft have been in demand. Sony PlayStation 5’s stocks are running out as soon as they hit the market and the situation is expected to persist at least till mid-2021.

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