We’re almost ready to step into a new decade, if there’s one discernible tech trend, it’s that our homes are getting smarter. The number of connected devices is expected to cross the 20 billion threshold next year. But you don’t need these numbers to tell you a story that’s beginning to unfold at homes across the world. Lenovo is making a play for this segment and has just unveiled a whole bunch of devices that cut across different smart home categories including smart displays, lighting and security. Lenovo is pitching its smart home range as an ideal starter kit for folks looking to get on the smart home bandwagon. These were some of the cool devices we spotted at the product showcase in Bengaluru this week:

7-inch Lenovo Smart Display: brings the best of Google Assistant with an enhanced visual experience. You have access to over 5,000 smart home devices from a plethora of brands, allowing you to perform a whole bunch of tasks  from answering video calls to monitoring your kid’s room seamlessly. The always-on display gives you instant access to Google Assistant with a simple voice command for news and weather updates and all your favorite music (Rs 8,999). You could also check out the larger 10-inch display that costs Rs 14,999

Lenovo Smart Bulb: it’s not just brightness levels, you can tweak colour and temperature with voice commands. If you need extra help to snooze switch to warmer hues at bedtime that mimic the fading light of sunset to create a more natural sleeping environment. This one’s completely plug and play and can be operated through the Link App. You can also use voice commands on Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to keep this running. The Smart bulb will be available for sale soon.

Lenovo Smart camera: this upcoming devices allows you to keep tabs on what’s going on in and out of your home. It offers high-res images with a wide field of view – 355 degrees from side to side and 120 degrees up and down. The infrared night vision (up to 20 metres) also offers visibility at night. The built-in mic and speaker offers two-way audio capability – you could sing a lullaby from a remote location to calm your toddler! Voice commands on both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa allow you to keep tabs on what’s going on at home.

Lenovo smart clock: the ideal device for your bedside table with its compact size (4-inches) and minimalist, modern design. We dig the full fabric soft-touch cover that blends in to your bedroom. It’s ideal to wind down or start your day with its 4-inch touchscreen and Dolby tuned audio. This one’s a great addition to a larger smart home set-up or your first bite at a smart display. (Rs 5,999)