Multi-tasking is the need of the hour in today’s world, where striking a healthy work-life balance can be a challenge. Often times, we forget to remember the important things and waste our time on trivial things. If you see yourself as someone who needs a little help when it comes to keeping things organized (or just getting them done), then these 5 apps will help you. 


One of the most popular productivity apps, Evernote makes sure that you don’t have to keep a note of things (or use a sticky note). What more? You can add links, audio files, tables, to do lists to these notes as well. 


If you’re looking for a simple to-do app, then Wunderlist does the trick. Spend 5 minutes in the morning making a list of all that you want to achieve through the day, and just tick them off one by one as they get done. 


If you’re trying to form a new habit – like being a regular at the gym, or quitting smoking, Strides will help you track all the progress that you’ve made.  Only catch is that it’s available only for iPhone users. 



Another simple to-do list app, Todoist’s USP is the ability to create daily weekly and tasks. If you have too much to do, you can even prioritize things. Need to set a short-term goal? Todoist helps you do that too. 


If you’re a slacker, who needs deadlines to get things done, then FocusList will help you get through the day. It’s also great if you’re still a student, as you can assign time allotted for each chapter before an important exam.