I can’t think of a time when so many digital projectors have been launched. It’s almost a relentless slew of launches at a time when we’ve tried to replicate experiences – from fine dining to big screen entertainment, within the confines and safety of our homes. We will miss all the energy and audience frenzy of a FDFS but it’s still possible to catch a blockbuster or a Euro 2020 game with your buddies on a big screen in your living room. Optoma’s new CinemaX P2 4K Projector aims to ride this wave with a compelling product that will set you back by a cool Rs 5 lakh. 

First, let’s get some tech jargon out of the way. The P2 is an ultra-short throw projector. Let’s decode the throw in the ultra-short throw. This (throw or throw distance) is the expanse that the light must travel from the lens to the surface of the screen or the wall. Standard projectors (like the one in your office board room) need about 10 feet to create a 100-inch image. An Ultra-short throw projectors uses its reflector lens to spread out its light signal across a minimal distance. You don’t need more than 20-inches for a massive projection. This saves space and allows you to cram your projector into the smallest living room spaces or dens. Also, there’s no chance of shadow creation, each time one of your buddies head out to grab a beer or a bag of chips. 

I set up the P2 less than a foot away from a clean white wall for a massive 100-inch plus projection. It’s elegantly designed and blends into your living spaces with its minimal footprint. Even before I dive into the picture quality, I’d like to dwell on the sound. It’s mighty impressive. You won’t need to add a soundbar to the mix. Each driver boasts of its own 10W digital amp module, you get a combined output of 40W. Whether I was checking out music videos or dialogue-driven dramas on Netflix, the speaker totally aced it. The projector is incredibly quiet – Optoma pegs the operating noise at 26dB; I never heard it even with the volume as low as 20%. 

Set up is remarkably simple. You can hook up with your Wi-Fi network in seconds and access the marketplace. It’s not something I’d recommend, the Optoma marketplace is quite bare and is also quite tedious to use; I was able to log in to Netflix using this option. You’re better off with a casting device – I hooked up an Apple TV. It also allows you to maximise picture quality. There are enough ports (including 3 HDMI ports) that allow you add casting devices or media storage drives. It’s also remarkably easy to find the right position with an ultra-show projector. I didn’t need to play around with keystone settings, all it took was moving the projector slightly for the perfect projection. 

Ultimately, picture quality is the key feature, it’s an area where the P2 scores. Thanks to options like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar, accessing 4K content is a lot easier. You get a Full 4K, 8-million-pixel display with perfect pixel alignment. HDR10 compatibility renders vivid 4K UHD content; whites are brighter while blacks are deeper. Gaming is blur-free – I tried Asphalt 9 and Optoma’s Pure Motion technology keeps things quite smooth. Optoma’s spec sheet pins the brightness at 3000 ANSI lumens with a 2,000,000:1 contrast. Colours are brilliant, especially at night or in lowlight. You’re covered with a life span of 30,000 hours for the laser light source. 

The Optoma CinemaX P2 4K Projector doesn’t come cheap but makes a strong case for the ultra-short throw projector category. Pictures are terrific and audio quality is surprisingly good while the biggest plus is the ultra-throw tech that allows you maximum flexibility. 

The Optoma CinemaX P2 4K Projector costs Rs 4,99,999/-