Alexa and Google Home have been ruling the smart speaker segment for the longest time now and it seems almost impossible that someone else can come in and dethrone them at this point of time. But Samsung doesn’t seem to think so.

Samsung held their Unpacked event in New York and unveiled a bunch of new Samsung offerings like the new galaxy watch, the Note 9 and the much-awaited smart speaker called the ‘Galaxy Home.’ Just like how Amazon uses Alexa and Apple uses Siri, Samsung’s latest sonic offering will be powered by Bixby.

Even though Bixby has always had a reputation of being a not-so-great virtual assistant, Samsung has been constantly making improvements hoping to match up with Amazon, Google and Apple. But only time will tell if Bixby is as reliable as Samsung claims it to be. Even though no details have been released regarding the pricing, according to The Verge, the galaxy home will be placed in an affordable cheaper price bracket.

Unlike how Apple and Amazon both have their own streaming companies in place, Samsung decided to tie up with Spotify to handle the streaming aspect of the speaker.

In a country like India, Samsung will have to work very hard to build the galaxy home as a strong and equal competitor to Amazon and Google, who have both managed to concrete themselves into urban homes.


(Header Credit – YouTube)