It’s easy to imagine that I’m at a private screening of a blockbuster. I’m clinging to a bag of hot popcorn and staring at a larger than life display. Except, I’m at the Samsung Executive briefing centre in Gurgaon for an exclusive session with one of the brand’s latest tech breakthroughs. Over the last three years, Samsung has kept pushing the boundaries with big jumps in the entertainment space. In 2017 it was the world’s first LED HDR, last year the company launched Onyx – the World’s first Cinema LED in select theatres; the Wall is the company’s latest innovation.

Think of this as a screen that is a collection of building blocks. Except, you can’t tell where one block ends and the next one begins. Samsung’s modular MicroLED display comes in a choice of three sizes that range from a 146-inch option in 4K to a 292-inch version in 8K definition. At an asking price of Rs 3.5-crore for the base variant, you don’t just need deep pockets to afford this one but also a large den or living room to truly enjoy the cinema-like experience of this cutting-edge display. 

The slim form allows this to blend seamlessly into your living room. It features a slim, bezel-less infinity design (a depth of less than 30 mm) with customisable deco frames that complement the artefacts in your living space. In June this year, we were mighty impressed with Samsung’s QLED 8K TV. One of our favourite features was Samsung’s proprietary 8K AI Upscaling technology that upscales video and sound to 8K irrespective of the original source or format. The Wall takes these powers to the next level with AI up-scaling, Quantum HDR and a staggering peak brightness of 2,000 nits with a 120Hz video rate. Gaming was totally unreal on this display during our tests thanks to the smooth refresh rate. The AI picture quality engine gets a boost with Quantum Processor Flex – a machine learning based picture quality engine that analyses millions of image data to calibrate the original low resolution image according to the display.

The Wall boasts of a 0.8mm pixel pitch technology with true blacks, true colour and Samsung’s AI picture enhancement, high brightness, and high contrast. The Wall switches to Ambient Mode when it’s not in use becoming a digital canvas of sorts. This is similar to The Frame, Samsung’s innovative TV that debuted in 2017. The Ambient Mode can display a variety of curated art from paintings, photographs and video art to customisable pictures with digital frames that allow you to personalise the experience. Connectivity is a breeze with a physical HDMI output that can sync with any Operating system. 

The Wall comes in a Luxury option for homes with a display controller and the ability to customise television sizes and shape to suit your needs. There’s also a Wall Pro for commercial installations. The Wall offers an incredible and truly immersive experience whether you’re catching a film or in gaming mode. 

The Wall ranges from Rs 3.5 crore to 12 crore (Excluding taxes) and is available exclusively at Samsung’s Executive briefing centre in Gurgaon. Check out Samsung’s range of TVs on Flipkart