nikonThe bulldozer camera: Nikon D4S

Nikon’s newest flagship, the D4S, comes with expanded features and is amazingly versatile. An upgrade of the Nikon D4, launched two years ago, its AF detection and AF tracking is accurate, even in the case of a sudden change in the subject’s distance from the camera. There are dual memory card slots (for CF and XQD cards), which make simultaneous back-up possible. You can store more images with the two memory cards, or save RAW images on one card and JPEG images on the other. Another brilliant touch is the ability to activate auto ISO by simply holding the ISO key and turning the front dial. Image quality is spectacular, with sharp pixel rendition, vivid colours, natural skin tones and crisp details. The camera maker claims that there is enhanced depth and minimised noise from ISO 100 right to 25600. But don’t take their word for it – detail loss becomes evident after ISO 12,800. The D4S is a heavy camera, but the grips are sculpted well and an extended period of shooting is not bothersome.This Nikon’s price tag may put off many. But it is value for money. You get a DSLR that is built like a bulldozer. The magnesium-alloy, all-weather-resistant body is a dream come true for photojournalists working under extreme conditions. The D4S has the right speed, control, and design to satisfy the demanding professionals that it’s geared toward.
Rs. 3,89,950

lenovo_ideapad_flex_14d_4Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 2

If your screen tilts all the way back to 90 degrees, you know you’re dealing with an ambitious laptop. Lenovo’s IdeaPad Flex 2 functions as a laptop and a [rather odd] tablet. The dual-mode laptop provides the best of both worlds, in a way – from the 14-inch HD touch-screen and an impressive 10-second startup time to the 500 GB storage. But it only has an Intel i3 processor to work with. It’s as though you can start the computer fast enough, but it might freeze from time to time. But since it’s dual-mode – stand mode and laptop mode – the Flex 2 performs much better as a tablet than as a laptop. But you don’t want to rip the keyboard off the screen just yet (because you actually can’t, so don’t try this at home), because you’ve still got a half-decent laptop that starts up fast, is super slim and is certainly flexible. For its price, the IdeaPad Flex 2 may not be the fastest computer around, but it’s one of the more dynamic choices you can make.
Rs. 41,990

LG-Optimus-G-Pro-26 Things You Should Know About LG’s G Pro 2

It’s got the best LCD screen display resolution we’ve ever seen on a phone. Time to step up your game, Samsung.

Unlike most other Android phones, the G Pro 2’s interface allows you to add as many home screens as you want, and you can toggle between them by zooming out of the main screen.

It’s among the first phones to integrate a knock code. No, it’s not when you answer a knock-knock joke to unlock your phone. You can put in anything between two and eight taps on your phone in a unique order, and there are over 80,000 possible combinations. The phone ensures you’ll never get locked out of it by backing it up with a numeric pass code that resets the knock code.

It’s serious competition to Samsung’s S5, especially when it comes to screen size (5.9 inches) and performance (2.26 quadcore processor).

Keeping in with LG’s newest tradition, there are no buttons or keys on the front or sides of the handset. Instead, you’ll find the lock screen button and direction keys on the back of the phone, just below the camera.

All in all, at Rs 51,500, the G Pro 2 is a bit high-end, but definitely worth the tag for its display and its 13 MP camera.



By Anurag Tagat