The festive season is right around the corner with a feeling of celebration and glee everywhere. As the festive season fast approaches, you can expect the onset of multiple parties with family and friends. That’s not all, the festive season also means exchanging of gifts with your near and dear ones and making memories that are evergreen.

Whether you like it or not, the festive season involves a ton of back and forth commute. This means you’ll have to travel long distances by driving or by being driven around by a chauffeur. There are various challenges that you are bound to face when it comes to the festive season.

These challenges vary from the safety of your loved ones to your vehicle’s security. You need a device that is a dash cam and a GPS tracker but also has various other features that ensure that security all year round. KENT CamEye is one such device that ensures safety of your loved ones and your car. Some of the features that this device encompasses are:

  • Dual Camera
  • Geo-Fencing Alert 
  • Inbuilt two-way mic and speaker 
  • Engine ideal alert
  • AC turn on alert 
  • Driver face recognition 
  • Over speeding alert
  • Video live streaming
  • Cloud storage 

However, you must be wondering how these features on KENT CamEye ensure that you have a safe festive season. Here’s how travelling this festive season is now a lot safer with KENT CamEye:


  • Roads at Night Become Safer


The festive season means attending a ton of parties and dinner with your loved ones; these usually tend to go on till late at night. Driving late at night is unsafe for men and women alike, as there have been many cases that have been reported in the past. Even being driven around by a chauffeur is no relief as he could take a wrong turn or board other passengers in the vehicle, putting you or your loved one’s safety in jeopardy. 

With KENT CamEye, you can keep a stringent check on the whereabouts of your vehicle and the well-being of people on board. This can be achieved by using features like dual camera, two-way mic and speaker, video live streaming, geo-fencing, face recognition and much more.


  • Keeps a Check on Chauffeur 


Do you know what your chauffeur is doing behind your back while you are celebrating the festivities? Without you ever finding out, your chauffeur could be taking undue advantage of your vehicle. Here are a few things that a chauffeur could be doing behind your back to exploit your resources and put the security of your vehicle at risk:

  • Using your vehicle to ferry passengers to gain extra money
  • Using your vehicle’s air conditioning 
  • Inviting other drivers into your car
  • Handing over your vehicle to someone for their personal work
  • Using your vehicle to get personal work done
  • Consuming alcohol in your absence 

There are many more possibilities that could be added to this list, but with KENT CamEye you can put a stop to it. Through this device, you can keep a track on your vehicle and chauffeur. Its features such as AC on alert, engine ideal alert, two-way mic and speaker, face recognition, and many more, you can evade any threat to your vehicle. 


  • Ensures the Safety of Your Teen


The roads in India aren’t safe, and this threat elevates at night. The major contributors to this are drunk drivers, rash drivers, low visibility, deserted roads, non-functioning traffic signals and many more. As a parent to a teen, you are unable to be at peace when your teen is out late at night during the festivities as to add to all these contributors, they are also inexperienced.

To have peace of mind and to ensure that the loved ones are safe, KENT CamEye is a knight in shining armour. It keeps a check on the whereabouts of the vehicle with features such as video live streaming, geo-fencing, over speeding alert and loads more.

Stress-Free Celebrations with KENT CamEye

The above mentioned are just some of the way that KENT CamEye is a saviour during the festive season, there are many others! With this device, you can now have a fun-filled and safe festive season. You can put all your worries aside and put your faith on KENT CamEye, India’s best dash cam. 

You can order KENT CamEye straight to your doorsteps through Amazon India website, saving you the hassle of going to the marketplace. You can also book a demo through the website, and a company representative will come and guide you through the product. KENT CamEye is also a perfect gift to give to your friend or family for this festive season!