How often are headphones built like tanks and tagged with terms like “military level” and “heavy armour” as well as “luxury”? That’s the best part about the V-MODA FP2 supra-aural headphones – they can handle rough and tough as well as the studio engineer’s needs. Although the metal-finish headphones are small enough to fit into a hard case the size (and build) of a small turtle, the FP2 is heavy duty and delivers everything an audiophile wants – a slight bass-leaning preference with passive noise cancellation, so you don’t have to turn it up way too loud, lest you disturb your neighbours. These on-ear headphones also double up for phone usage, with a mic cable providing a decent option to anyone who wants to take a call in a moderately noisy environment. The SteelFlex headband does, however, feel a bit intrusive after a few hours of use, almost clutching your head. But if your music library has a lot of electronic music, then you, just like all the DJs that V-MODA namechecks in their media kit, will love these FP2 headphones.