Is your social media news feed driving you nuts? Do you think there are certain things that your social media friends or acquaintances should stop doing because it’s annoying as hell? Well, you’re not alone. We think so too.

And so, we’ve come up with a list of some ridiculous things people do on social media that definitely get on our nerves (and probably yours too). Take a look. 

Facebook Forward Trends

Ice bucket challenge

People tend to jump into an online (particularly Facebook) challenge just because it is trending and will give their posts some more traction. Guys c’mon. Are you out of ideas on how to spend time productively instead of participating in online challenges or changing DPs if you win or lose? We suggest you get off that chair, log out and do something worthwhile instead of jumping into the bandwagon.

Mirror Selfies/Changing Room Selfies

Kylie Jenner

What’s the fun in posting changing-room selfies when you’re not going to buy that dress?

 Guitar DPs

active-1331931_1920 (1)

Skip to the next point if you’re a musician. But if you aren’t, then posing with that guitar won’t help you score brownie points with women. Period.

The Pout Selfie


Let’s face it. There is only one Angelina Jolie. Why fake a pout? 

Flaunting Wealth

Kim Kardashian

Stop flaunting your riches on social media. Take a cue from the Kardashian robbery case that occured in Paris and always remember you’re only inviting trouble for yourself.

Images have been sourced from Instagram and Pixabay

Facebook Comments
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