Russel Crowe recently hit back at body shamers who criticized him for his heavier appearance while playing rugby in an article titled “Russell Crowe No Longer Looks Like A Gladiator”.

The article mentioned how, “It’s unclear if his portly figure is because of a film role or simply from enjoying middle age, but his IMDB page does not list any new movies in the works”. But the 52-year old gloriously shut down body shamers with his humourous response. Take a look.


Of course, Russell Crowe’s fans across the world jumped to his support and managed to keep body shamers at bay with their hilarious tweets. One woman also declared her love for dad bods and wrote to Crowe, “I prefer your body type on a man any day of the week”.

Russell Crowe may not be the guy with the six pack abs, but there’s no denying how women across the world swoon over dad bods. Most women admit to the fact that there’s something really sexy and comforting about a man who isn’t super-obsessed about his body.

And in recent years, the dad bod has snagged a lot of attention with women ditching the rock-hard pecks for men who feel good when you cuddle them. Here are some reasons why women prefer the dad bod. Take a look.

Narcissism is a huge turn-off

Most women admit to the fact that men and their gym-obsession is quite a turn off in a relationship because it is likely that you are a narcissist. Of course, narcissism and relationships do not go hand in hand unless you give equal footing to your ladylove and your six-pack abs, instead of solely obsessing about your chiseled body.

Confidence is the key

The truth is, men who have dad bods are perceived as super-sexy because of the one thing they possess: confidence. A man who is secure enough to not give two hoots about his beer belly is definitely attractive.


You know he will have other interests than diet or fitness which makes him interesting on many levels. Because she knows success does not depend on how you look, but how you make use of your intellect.

Someone to cuddle

Snuggling up with a warm, chubby dad bod feels much better than someone who feels like a rock (or stone cold).

Beyond lust

It is obvious that relationships go way beyond lusting about that hot bod; it’s all about him making you feel special, emotionally as well as physically (and vice versa). Women prefer someone who’s interested in having a good time when they go out for food and drinks and not someone who fusses about his meals.