A Fragrant Jewel

Bulgari unveils Aqua Divina – born from the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea

aqva1In its constant quest for ultimate luxury, Bulgari tirelessly seeks out nature’s most precious elements and turns to advanced technologies to create olfactory magic. The Aqua Divina is a result of research and Bulgari’s constant endeavour to deliver pristine fragrances from the purest of natural ingredients.

Master perfumer Alberto Morillas has created an Eau de Toilette with a singular signature for which he plunged into his childhood memories on the shores of the Mediterranean. He has envisioned a scent – a ‘‘salty flower’’ – evoking sun-kissed memories emerging from the waves. The sensual frangrance, bursting with ingredients, celebrate the sea, the sun and summer.

Other than this new perfume, The Bulgari Aqua men’s collection Aqua Pour Homme and Aqua Amara represent the two facets of the world associated with the Mediterranean that Bulgari explores with the power of its Greek-Roman roots. A decade-long success, Aqua Pour Homme is a bestseller for men that cap Bulgari’s deep-seated perfumery traditions. Aqua Amara follows the footsteps with an unmistakable aquatic note enriched by natural ingredients and essences of finest quality.