Aspri Spirits recently hosted an Amarula evening with Mr. Kay Pillay, the MD (Asia Pacific and Middle East) of Distell, which was attended by several Amarula enthusiasts and connoisseurs including Vikram Raizada,  actor and model Neha Iyer, stylist and fashion designer Kristy d’ Cunha, RJ Rohini, Saloni, Sameer Malkani, celebrity chef Anjali Pathak, fashion editor Ranjit Rodricks and editor of iKarmik, Karmik Varma, among others.

The cocktails served at the event included signature Amarula concoctions such as the Amarula Perfect Serve, Amarula Peaches & Cream, Amarula Chocolate Orange Cookie, Amarula Espresso, and the Fiery Dusk, curated by Mixologist  Shatbhi Basu.

Here’s a quick look at the event.

Mr Jackie Matai Mr Kay Pillay
Mr Jackie Matai Mr Kay Pillay



Distell is currently ranked the number 2 cider player across the globe.