I had tried it all. Sleeping pills, running a lot, getting crazy tired and praying to god. Nothing worked. My legs were aching, my mind was racing and it would be 3 am to 4 am before I could finally sleep. 

Then just one day, while looking for sleep music, I chanced upon this life-changing sleep talk-down by Jason Stephenson (bless his soul and bless his voice.) 

Gently, he asks you to relax, and even if your mind is racing, he reads your mind and says that everything is normal. Then, he gives you certain activities which you can do mindfully – like clenching your feet tight for a few seconds, and then releasing it very slowly. After a while, when relaxation sweeps all over you, he bids goodbye and leaves you with calming music that you can sleep to. The trick is to keep your body still, and your eyes closed. You can control that much, even if you cannot control your mind. 

Other than sleeping, you also have healing meditations that you can undertake to overcome a tough situation in your life. Like a loss of a family member or a job. One such guided meditation takes us to Stonehenge where you can feel the walls and experience vibrations flow through your body. It’s said that Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument, and it has great healing powers.

My favourite meditation is that about letting go. Indeed, if someone does not want you in their life, and you want to be in their life, it’s futile to get down on your knees and beg please. They say that if you love someone, you should let them go. If they come back, they’re yours. If they don’t, they never were. But letting go is easier said than done. To help you with this, Jason Stephenson brings a fabulous meditation where you walk up stairs and land up in a library which has windows with white, wispy clouds. 

Other than Jason, there are other channels like TheHonestGuys and Madeline Rineheart which have some very interesting stuff too. There’s a soul linking meditation by Madeline, that you can use to give your loved one a soul call.


Then, TheHonestGuys have a meditation where you receive a gift from your guardian spirit. 

Thanks to these videos, the nights that were spent being anxious and worried, are now spent being relaxed and healed.