To say that Rahul Gandhi is bad at what he does would be an understatement. He makes blunders while giving a speech, gives inane interviews and might single-handedly be responsible for Congress’ fall at the centre, and in many states.

It’s quite clear that politics is not Rahul’s cup of tea, and for his own sake, he should switch to other professions. On his 47th birthday, we put our thinking cap on to suggest him some practical alternatives. 


There’s plenty of reasons why Rahul Gandhi will make a better actor than he is a politician – he is good looking, his diction is great and he knows how to perform in front of an audience. A political film with a romantic sub-plot will be perfect for him, since he won’t have to put too much effort into getting under the skin of the character either.   

Travel writer


RaGa loves travelling the world in business class, and it will be great if he shares his experiences with the world. He could write a masterpiece on Italy, because duh – that’s where his beloved mother is from.

Stand-Up Comedian


Even without trying, Rahul Gandhi can make thousands laugh out loud. Imagine the hysteria that’ll ensue when he actually takes the microphone, and tries to be funny.

Drag racer

Rahul’s got a need for speed, and has an adventurous side to him that is not publicised too much. It’s reported that Gandhi indulges in drag racing from time to time, with his friends.

Certainly, he can afford to take that up as a full-time hobby without worrying about politics or money.


Rahul Gandhi didn’t choose to be the face of Congress, it was a responsibility thrust upon him due to family tradition. It wouldn’t be surprising if Rahul decides one day that he has had enough of politics and humiliating comments from the public. That day, he can renounce every pleasure that he has by becoming a monk and seek self-actualisation through meditation.

Featured Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons