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Heineken launches its ‘Spectre’ campaign

Bond has been associated with beer for 17 years

Heineken recently announced a new development in its 17-year old partnership with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s James Bond franchise. The beer brand’s new Spectre campaign allows consumers and patrons of Heineken, access to exclusive behind the scenes footage from the upcoming Bond film starring Daniel Craig.

Customers who purchase a special pack containing 12 Heineken bottles, get access to a free download of a particular Bond film, depending on the colour of the pack they choose. The Gold and blue themed packs contain a free download of any one of the 23 Bond movies.

There are other surprises too, particularly in the special edition Spectre Bottles and cans which will allow buyers access to special, unseen footage from the movie. All they have to do is scan the code on the pack onto their phones and unlock special content.