This year, all of us collectively have watched hours and hours of Netflix thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. So, do you wish to know how many hours you’ve spent watching your favourite shows this year? Well, here’s how to find your Netflix Wrapped 2020.

So far, we have seen Spotify wrapped, Snapchat’s Year In Review, Apple’s Music Replay and now it’s time to check out your Netflix wrapped for the year. Netflix Wrapped collects data on all the TV and movies that you have been binging and breaks it down. From the number of days, hours and seconds you’ve binged in total to your most-watched genres, you get to know the entire data. It is not actually affiliated with Netflix but it’s a Chrome extension invented by Canadian software engineer Niko Draca. Last week, Draca shared his invention on video-platform TikTok and it’s already become hugely popular. Here’s how to find your Netflix Wrapped 2020.

How to find your Netflix Wrapped 2020

1) First you’ll need to download the Chrome extension. You can do this by visiting the Chrome Web Store. There, you’ll find the extension under the name “Netflix Wrapped”. Next, click “Add to Chrome”.

2) Once downloaded head to your Netflix profile and open the Netflix Wrapped Chrome extension

3) Press start and wait. The data should soon come up.

A graph will then show you how many days, hours or seconds you’ve spent watching Netflix in 2020. Below, you’ll see the number of hours you’ve spent watching the streaming platform per month, and a pie chart will show the number of hours you watched per day over the week. Here, it is very obvious that the graph increases ever since the lockdown started.

The graph also shows the genres that have been watched the most over the year and the content rating you typically watch.

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