Holi colours are full of chemicals that can be really harsh to your skin and hair. Just a little bit of an effort from your end will help you keep skin allergies and hair issues at bay

Before playing Holi

  • Apply either coconut oil or olive oil to your skin an hour before you start playing. 


  • A sunscreen will not only protect you from tanning, but will also help you against the harsh colours.


  • Avoid shaving or waxing before and after you play Holi because your skin will be extra sensitive around that time.


  • Wear sunglasses (avoid wearing contact lenses).


  • Massage your hair with mustard oil just before you play Holi.

After playing Holi

  • Make use of mild soap to wash off all the colours.


  • Since your skin is bound to be sensitive for a few days, do not use exfoliating agents for some time.


  • You should definitely avoid a steam or sauna session for a couple of days since it opens your pores and the colour on your skin can get absorbed.


  • Keep your body hydrated and skin moisturized.


  • Combine besan and milk and apply on the skin. Gently scrub it off once dry. This will help remove the colour gently.


  • For hair, the first step is to wash off all the colour with water before shampooing.


  • You can use a hair mask created out of coconut oil and egg whites and leave it for half an hour before washing.