In the world of social media, everyone is trying for attention one way or another, the football world is also getting on with this trend. Whenever a new signing is made or a new manager is announced, football clubs try to announce it in a unique way to catch attention. We look at five most quirkiest announcements by football clubs till date.

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1) Alexis Sanchez 

Alexis Sanchez is known for his trickery and amazement inside the football pitch but the fans didn’t know that he was an amazing pianist. His move from Arsenal to Manchester United was announced in a very weird but classical manner. He is seen playing the piano and wearing the iconic Manchester United home jersey. It wasn’t the best transfer but some people say that his best performance in a United jersey was this one where he plays the piano. We still don’t know whose idea was it to announce it in this manner

2) Maurizio Sarri

One of the most recent manager confirmations, Maurizio Sarri is the new Lazio manager for the upcoming 2021-22 season. Before his arrival was announced, the Lazio social media handle posted a tweet which had a cigarette emoji indicating that Sarri is the Lazio manager. That tweet has been all over social media for the past day, and has been trending in Italy for the most part.

3) Sead Kolasinac

Arenal is known to be a meme team because of their performances on and off the field. Back in the day, when Arsene Wenger was a prominent force at Arsenal, he signed world class players for the team. The Arsenal twitter handle before announcing the signing of Kolasinac, posted a small quiz on twitter asking can you see the names of the players signed by Wenger. The list only had nine names, after a while they announced the tenth name which was of the new signing Sead Kolasinac.

4) Antonio Rudiger 

This one is cute and quirky at the same time, a kid enters the Chelsea official store along with his dad after school. He wants to buy a jersey and wants the name of Rudiger at the back. The cashier told them that she’ll see what she can do. When she goes to the back, she asks Antonio Rudiger whether she can print his name and number on the jersey of a kid. Antonio replies by saying, “ Yes, I am a Chelsea player now.” This was a good one and caught the attention of social media rapidly.

5) Arthur Melo

This one can come under the category of funny and bizarre along with quirky. We still don’t know what the Barcelona social media team was thinking while doing this. They have an imaginary talking ball announcing the signing of Arthur Melo from Juventus to the club. This one was the most bizarre of them all and the fact that they have included legends like Xavi, Messi and Busquets in this video makes it worse.

There are a lot of other quirky announcements that have been made by football clubs, we might have missed out a few. But according to us, these were the five most quirky signings announced by football clubs.