Denim decisions, starring Rajkummar Rao.

What happens when the mercury drops to the Indian version of “a chill in the air”? You finally get to reach for your jackets that haven’t seen the sun in months. Now mind you, since it is the Indian version of an international winter, a parka isn’t exactly the ideal kind of a jacket/coat to keep you warm and fuzzy. Going by the temperature, a denim jacket for starters is the best way to not freeze to death. Additionally, the best person to exhibit it first is superhuman actor Rajkummar Rao, who was spotted in Mumbai this week during a photoshoot.

Image: Viral Bhayani

Rajkummar unfortunately fractured his leg while shooting for a reality show. It would have been a cool story to tell people at parties but frankly, injuring yourself on a reality show set doesn’t exactly cut as cool. Now, we’re not sure how many painkillers Rajkummar is on due to the broken leg, but whatever he’s taking, his wardrobe decisions are definitely not taking a beating. 

Face it: you do want to look cool in your winter gear, even when you’re in the sultry city. And Rajkummar sporting the denim jacket is every Indian man’s winter dream. While your options are limited, you can use it to your best advantage. Here are some options you can start with.