They may not be playing for top teams from top European leagues, but that doesn’t mean they don’t share an extremely intimate relationship with the football. Long hours of practice, pure unadulterated passion and oodles of talent is what has made superstars out of these freestyle footballers.

Spend some time watching them, and be prepared to be amazed out of your senses.  

Andrew Henderson

He’s the reigning World Champion when it comes to freestyle football, and when you see his videos, you’ll know why. 

Sofiane Touzani

Such is Sofiane’s class that even top footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo and Arjen Robben feature in his videos and indulge in some freestyle football with him. 

Lisa Zimouche

With 1m followers on Instagram already, 18-year-old Lisa Zimouche is touring the world to showcase her skills. She could have been a real player with PSG, but she quit when she was 14 because freestyle football is where her heart was. 

Sean Garnier

He was a professional football player in Ligue 1 (Troyes and AJ Auxerre), but his dream was cut short by injuries. Today, he has more than 2.3 mn followers on Instagram. 

The Skill Twins

Neymar Jr. (the world’s most expensive footballer) is their fan. Need we say more?