The lines exist despite flowing alcohol and raging hormones.

If you’re out tripping with your boys for a bachelor party masquerading as a quiet holiday by the fireplace, global tourism will have many aspects attached to it, right from indulging in some reluctant sightseeing to going back home with easily forgettable souvenirs. And with that comes snorting snow, drinking straight out of the bottle and questionable sex—the debauchery that leaves you with amnesia and regret (sometimes)…according to several bachelor party survivors around the world who lived to tell their tale.

As men across nations continue to partially write their memory off during these events involving strip clubs, what their alcohol and testosterone-fueled brains don’t realise is there are rules these hedonistic nights have, playing in the background.

The United States

Adult entertainment in the US of A evolved from burlesque to go-go dancing to San Fran pioneering the lap dance in the 80s. And now, in 2017, strippers tell you how strippers like to be treated when you walk in to their domain. This includes tipping, touching and fetishes. Also, assume you’ll be banned from that strip joint you’re visiting if you’re commenting on the women’s appearances.

South East Asia

South East Asia might as well a hot bed for most stag parties given that it seems like there is no end to the nightlife-designed-for-tourists scene here. Aside from the infamous ping pong shows where folks shoot literal balls out their nether regions, there are designated bachelor party services that cater to ‘bros’ looking for a wild time. Our Indian posse comes out on top of the client list here, with, most number of bookings per year, just from India, according Bangkok Bachelors, one of the most popular bachelor party services in the area.

In the midst of pool parties, sunset-watching on yachts and hitting clubs, the boys can only get to know their chosen woman companion beyond the club on the manager’s say-so. And don’t worry, the party service boss will have your back.


China’s ban on sex clubs and everything that comes with it hasn’t stopped opportunists from hacking underground spots to cash in on wealthy businessmen. When the clients do visit, it’s a giant circus of sex, sweat and more. However, more than the performers, the club owners have the upper hand in setting the ground rules. Taiwan, on the other hand, is a different ballgame altogether. Because if hiring 50 strippers for an old man’s funeral exists in the same universe as stripper interaction rules, anything is possible.

Back in homeland, the scenario is pretty much the same but is replaced with ghagra cholis and and blaring Bollywood music. Much like a lap dance, the women can exclusively dance for a man upon his request. It can even proceed to some talking, flirting, and eventually getting to know them up, close and personal– only if they agree and think you’re made of money– if you catch the drift.


Europe is a well-known playground for satisfying pleasures of the human flesh, Amsterdam being one of the most widely covered city in mainstream media. However, the scantily-clad women, displayed like mannequins in glass cases outside their sex shops in Amsterdam, claim they have rules that are never obeyed by their customers. When things aren’t so morbid, customers apparently enjoy live sex shows between actual couples.