Rishi Kapoor is in the news for being politically incorrect, once again. He has slammed Anurag Basu, who painstakingly directed Jagga Jasoos starring Ranbir Kapoor (and had also directed Barfi, one of Ranbir’s best films).

“He (Anurag) is such an irresponsible director that he doesn’t complete the film. It was supposed to release three times in the past two years, but it kept getting delayed,” Rishi Kapoor told mid-day in an interview.

He also ranted about how Ranbir had been pouring in money like crazy on the film, and got very little in return. “Sometimes, Ranbir’s films do well, sometimes, they don’t. But here, Ranbir is the producer too, and his neck is in the noose. Who the hell are you [Basu] to do all this? It is ridiculous that a producer hadn’t seen his product a day ahead of the film’s release,” he said.

Well, there might be some truth in what Rishi Kapoor has to say, but he should say it behind closed doors. Publicly humiliating someone in the media is uncalled for, especially if the director is of Anurag Basu’s calibre – Life In A Metro and Barfi were masterpieces.

To prove our point that Rishi can do without a lot more politically correct statements, let’s look at some of his gaffes on Twitter and give him some advice.

Don’t Leave Things To Imagination

Well, do you want the winning captain to remove their shirt and fling it in the air? That’s not going to happen. You clarified saying that you wanted Ganguly, a retired middle-aged man (who’s probably become pudgier now that he doesn’t play professionally), to remove his shirt. Even that is something wrong to ask for, Rishiji.

Don’t Publicise Entitled Behaviour

You may be famous and people might ask you for autographs, but purposely not paying the bill is uncalled for.

Respect The Rules Of Mathematics

Seriously, even a 5th standard kid won’t fall for this meme. It makes us wonder, if you’ve really been drinking more than what you should.

Please ignore the trolls. Don’t behave like one yourself.

What’s with the abuse, man?

You Don’t Make Fun Of Your Prime Minister, With A Joke Fit For Junior College Students

What did you expect us to do? Laugh at this sorry excuse for a tweet.