Aster Rasperry Ostrich Skin front white background CMYK TIF_OriginalAster Rasperry Ostrich Skin back white background CMYK TIF_OriginalWhen it comes to luxury mobile phones, Vertu tops the list. After the launch of its Signature Touch phones, there’s another edition out, called Aster. Think a great combination of hand craftsmanship with cutting edge technology – not only does it claim to have exceptional connectivity through quad-band GSM, 3G and LTE 4G, it also has a 5.1-inch HD screen and features Dolby Digital Plus surround sound, for a richer audio experience.

Massimiliano Pogliani, Vertu’s CEO, said, “In Aster, we looked to create a handset that was not only engineered to perform to the highest standard, but one that would complement our customers’ lifestyles in its capacity as a fashionable accessory. For those desirous of luxury and understated elegance, but unwilling to compromise on performance, Aster is the ultimate lifestyle handset.”

The Aster comes in a palette of six colours; onyx calf, blush calf, lagoon calf, caviar karung, tangerine karung, cognac ostrich and raspberry ostrich. A range of eleven cases, in three different styles, have been designed to complement the Aster handset collection. The phone is priced at (merely) Rs 4.75 lakh.