Ever heard a woman having a conversation with her private parts? Well, you’re all in for a bit of surprise with AIB’s new video, A Woman’s Besties, which is shattering all taboos and stereotypes and is a hilarious take on a woman’s turmoil when she practices unsafe sex.

And guess who’s collaborated with AIB this time? It’s none other than Mallika Dua who never ceases to amaze us with her impeccable comic timing. A Woman’s Besties brings about bouts of laughter where you’ll come across unusual names such as Vagayenti (vagina), Clitika (clitoris) and Geeta Boobita (breasts) that are referred to as Mallika Dua aka Priya’s besties.

In this day and age when conversations about sex and sexuality are still considered a taboo and where films such as Lipstick Under My Burkha are being denied a release by the Censor Board, this video by AIB is definitely breath of fresh air.

The viral video also features Gandu, which is the anus and there’s a special mention of temptation (i.e., men) as Homo and Erectus.

Watch this absolutely hilarious video here: