The internet isn’t for the weak-hearted. And, Twitter just doesn’t seem to catch a break.

This time, people have taken the internet by storm, by disclosing the weirdest people they want to get down and dirty with. And, you might want to sit down for this one.

The Grinch


‘Tis the season to fool around with– the guy who ruined Christmas. Yes, people want to have sex with their childhood ghoul, the Grinch.

And, this brute has since become the sex icon for millennials. People have been vocal on Twitter about their new-found sexual awakening.





And, the Tumblr community didn’t take long to jump on the ‘hump Venom‘ bandwagon. And, it’s real as it gets. This fetish is called teratophilia, the sexual attraction to deformed people. 

As much as we love Marvel characters, people on the internet took it too far with this one.




Based on Stephen King’s 1986 horror novel It, Pennywise couldn’t escape stan Twitter either. The character that is meant to give you nightmares, but that simply isn’t the case for people on the internet. They want to bone this terrifying clown from the sewer.


The Nun


The dark side of the internet did not spare The Nun either. According to the rumour-mill, people wanted to get freaky with this possessed nun. Although, MW could not confirm these claims.