5 Most Powerful Cars Available in India Under 50L 

Author: Sharan Sanil

#5 - Toyota Camry Price: ₹ 43.545 Lakh Power: 215 BHP

Image Credits: Toyota Motor Corp.

Image Credits: desertsunhonda.com

Toyota's flagship sedan has been around for decades, and doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. The 8th-gen Camry offers updated driving dynamics, the same phenomenal 2.5L Hybrid powerplant, incredible build quality, and even an updated infotainment system.

#4 - Mini John Cooper Works Price: ₹ 46.50 Lakh Power: 231 BHP

Image Credits: dailyrevs.com

Image Credits: automexico.com

With a tweaked 2.0 turbocharged engine, this hot hatch doesn't mess around. While its very low wheelbase gets in the way of practicality on Indian roads, it offers a powerful, lightweight package - the perfect thing for all you horsepower junkies out there.

#3 - Skoda Octavia vRS Price: ₹ 36.01 Lakh Power: 237 BHP

Image Credits: briskoda.net

Image Credits: briskoda.net

Easy to live with, yet offering a superb drive, the vRS is one of India's most exciting cost/horsepower propositions - and is perhaps the best entry point into track day racing in the country. For those of you looking wistfully across borders at Golf GTIs, this is the next best thing. Just remember that they're quite hard to find!

#2 - Jaguar XE SE Price: ₹ 48.50 Lakh Power: 247 BHP

Image Credits: Jaguar Land Rover

Image Credits: Jaguar Land Rover

While not as powerful as the full-blown sport V6, the 4-pot XE is still a plush, well-equipped, and very attractive-looking sedan. While it may fall short in the power segment compared to some rivals, it offers great handling dynamics - allowing you to throw the XE into corners you wouldn't expect it to handle.

#1 - BMW 330i M Sport Price: ₹ 46.90 Lakh Power: 259 BHP

Image Credits: BMWBlog.com

Image Credits: BMWBlog.com

It's really hard to find flaws in this car - a spirited, driver-focused sports sedan with plenty of horsepower and features to keep any enthusiast more than happy. The M Sport package comes with plenty of extra goodies - from a M-brand steering wheel to new brakes and styling accents.