#30YearsOfHarleyQuinn: 7 Actresses Who've Aced The Character

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It has been 3 decades since Harley Quinn  debuted on-screen. Pegged as one of the most iconic characters in the DC universe,  a volley of Hollywood stars have played the part in various adaptations.

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Mia Sara Sara, an American former actress, played Quinn in the TV series named Birds of Prey. The live-action version of the character was loved by the audiences. 

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Margot Robbie Australian actress Robbie, aka the crime queen of the Gotham City, essayed the role twice in her career.  The first being in the Birds of Prey movie, followed by another act in the 2021-release,The Suicide Squad.

Image Credits: Lady Gaga/ Instagram

Lady Gaga It was recently announced that Gaga is going to be a part of 2024’s Joker. The American songstress has been roped in to play Quinn, and she will be starring opposite Joaquin Phoenix.

Image Credits: Kaley Cuoco/ Instagram

Kaley Cuoco In 2019, Cuoco essayed role of Quinn in the animated series, Harley Quinn. What's more, she even undertook voice-over duties for the role, aside from being executive producer of the show. 

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Margot Rubin Rubin also undertook voice-over duties for the character Quinn in 2019’s The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. The actress played a Gotham City criminal, who happens to be Joker's love interest.

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Jenny Slate Slate was the voice of Quinn in the first part of the Lego series. The movie follows the life of Emmet, who begins a rather unusual resistance movement. 

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Gillian Jacobs She voiced the character in 2021’s Injustice, an American adult animated film. Interestingly, the movie got adapted into a video game series in 2013!