Adani Takeovers: 5 Game-Changing Acquisitions Across The Last Decade

Author: : Sharan Sanil

Holcim Cement Deal Value: $10.5 Billion

Image Credits: Holcim Group

Image Credits: @gautam_adani/Twitter

Year: 2022 The biggest takeover yet for the corporate baron, Adani's deal with the Swiss construction giants has catapulted Adani Group to #2 in India's cement industry rankings - right behind UltraTech, owned by the Aditya Birla Group.

SB Energy Value: $3.5 Billion

Image Credits: SB Energy

Image Credits: SoftBank

Year: 2021 A massive step forward for the clean energy segment, this deal with the Japan-based corporation reflects India's biggest push yet into the green energy space. Reports estimate that the deal with boost Adani Green Energy's operational capacity by a huge 46%.

AAI Airports Deal Value: $314 Million

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Image Credits: PTI

Year: 2020 After a well-publicized bailout takeover of Mumbai's financially straggling airport infrastructure, the Adani Group followed by winning bids for six AAI-managed airports. For a 50-year term, Adani Group will now manage the major airports at Trivandrum, Mangaluru, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Guwahati.

Mumbai Itg. Power Value: $231M

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Image Credits: Adani Energy

Year: 2018 A major step in Adani's plan to conquer and reshape India's energy sector, this deal between the Reliance and Adani Groups is the largest energy distribution A&M  in India's history. As a subsidiary of Adani Transmission, this marks yet another instance of Adani striking gold in Mumbai's debt-ridden public infrastructure projects.

Ocean Sparkle Value: $219 Million

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Image Credits: Adani Ports

Year: 2022 As the 'King of Ports', Adani's early fortunes were built on developing key contracts within Gujarat's thriving port systems. By taking over India's largest and the world's 11th largest marine services company, Adani further solidified his hold on trade and shipping lines - especially with key trade partners in the Middle East.