Ajay Banga: All About The New Indian-Origin World Bank Chief

Image Credits: Mastercard

Ajay Banga is set to become the new World Cup chief, after being nominated for the role by the US President Joe Biden. 

Image Credits: Forbes

Banga will win the election uncontested, with support from countries like France, India, Germany, Britain, and Italy.

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Ajay Banga previously worked as the CEO of Mastercard. He was one of the highest-paid CEOs in the world, drawing a lucrative salary of Rs 1.92 billion per year.

Image Credits: BusinessWorld

Ajay Banga was born to Lieutenant General Harbhajan Singh Banga, and did his graduation from St Stephens in New Delhi. He did his MBA from the Indian Institue of Management in Ahmedabad. 

Image Credits: BusinessWorld

Banga is the first Indian-Origin banker to be nominated for president of the World Bank. He has also worked for behemoths like Pepsico, Kraft Foods, Nestle, and CitiGroup.

Image Credits: BusinessWorld

Banga also worked for Barack Obama when he was the president of the United States. Banga was a member of the advisory committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations in 2015.

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