6 Best Movies Of Jason David Frank

Image Credits: Jim Donnelly/Instagram

Jason David Frank, an American actor and Power Rangers star, is no more. Frank, a mixed martial arts professional, 49, breathed his last on November 19, 2022, in Texas. 

Image Credits: Jason David Frank/Instagram

Here's a glimpse of his legacy of work that he has left behind 

Image Credits: Warner Bros Video

The Junior Defenders Frank played the role of Tommy Keen in this mockumentary by Warner Bros., which released in 2007. Kleen is a washed-up former child actor who gets kidnapped by a crazy fan. 

Image Credits: MTV

Undressed He played the role of Carl in the season 3 of this series. This show shed light on the raging sex lives of young  college-goers and high schoolers in Los Angeles. 

Image Credits: Saban International

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The American star played the role of Tommy Oliver, who was also the green ranger. This show is the adaptation of the Japanese TV series Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.

Image Credits: Saban International

Power Rangers Zeo This show was a continuation of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It was the season when the suits of the Rangers had changed. Here, Oliver was the leader of Zeo Rangers.

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Power Rangers Turbo Frank became the First Red Turbo Ranger with this season. He was also the love interest of Katherina Hillard aka the Pink Turbo Ranger.

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Power Rangers Dino Thunder Here, Frank is seen returning as Oliver after a gap of few years. The show had a dinosaur theme, and his character was bestowed with the strength of invisibility.