5 Big Announcements From Sony’s PlayStation Showcase 2023

Image Credits: Sony

PSP Successor?While our wait for the updated PSP still continues, Sony announced a new handheld device called ‘Project Q’ based on the DualSense controller, which will also commence the company’s game streaming service. The company is also working on PlayStation earbuds, details of which are still awaited.

Image Credits: Konami

Metal Gear RemakeOne of the highlights at the event was the announcement of the Metal Gear 3: Snake Eater remake. This is the first time we got an official announcement of the product, which was rumoured to be in development for quite a while. The remake will be available across all platforms.

Image Credits: Sony

Bungie’s MarathonThe developer of Halo and Destiny, Bungie which was acquired by PlayStation Studio is developing a new sci-fi shooter called ‘Marathon’. Similar to the Metal Gear remake, it will be available across all platforms, including Xbox and PC, with cross-play and cross-save support.

Image Credits: Sony

Assassin’s Creed MirageAssassin’s Creed is returning back to its roots, with Ubisoft announcing a new game in the franchise called ‘Assassin’s Creed Mirage’. The third-person stealth parkour video game is scheduled to be launched on October 12.

Image Credits: Sony

Spider-Man 2 Extended LookFinally, the company ended the showcase by showing off a new extended gameplay trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man 2, showcasing Peter’s new symbiote abilities. While we still don’t have a date yet, Sony confirmed that it’ll keep its fall 2023 deadline.

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