Black Celebs Share The Discrimination They Faced Due To Colourism

Image Credits: Iman/ Instagram

It is 2022 and unfortunately, black actors even today have to go through major discrimination in their profession. They have to walk the extra mile only because of the colour of their skin to earn their dues.

Image Credits: Lord Snowdon

Over the years, many black actors have opened up about the struggles they have faced due to colourism. Here are a few of them.

Image Credits: Yvette Nicole Brown/ Instagram

In 2019, Brown tweeted that when going to a new film set, most black actors take their own foundation because the one that matches their skin type might not be there.

Yvette Nicole Brown

Image Credits: Princess Grace Foundation 

In an interview in 2020, Tyson said that her makeup would be greyish in colour because the artist didn’t know how to match her skin shade.

Cicely Tyson

Image Credits: Beyonce/ Instagram

A few days ago, Beyonce got the poster of Austin Powers changed because she looked too skinny. She told them to embrace her curves and not give her European features.


Image Credits: Voila Davis/ Instagram

In 2012, Davis protested in a silent yet creative way when she chose not to wear a wig at the Oscars. She sported her natural hair with pride.

Viola Davis

Image Credits: Monique Coleman/ Instagram

In 2021, Coleman revealed that she wore headbands in High School Musical because the stylists couldn’t style her hair neatly as they had no experience with it.

Monique Coleman

Image Credits: Malcolm Barrett

In his 2019 tweet, Barrett wrote that in his 20 years of experience, he has seen that most black actors get their hair done outside the set because Hollywood hairstylists are not accustomed on working on black hair.

Malcolm Barrett

Image Credits: Lupita Nyong'o

In 2017, Nyong'o pointed out how a magazine had  smoothened her hair so that they adhere to the notion of Eurocentric appeal and aesthetic. Later, the magazine claimed that it wasn't an editorial call.

Lupita Nyong’o

Image Credits: Iman/ Instagram

In 1994, she launched her own cosmetic line. This was because when she went for a shoot, she was asked by the makeup artist if she had brought her own makeup products.