5 Countries That Were Banned From FIFA World Cup In The Past

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Earlier this year, reports emerged of Ecuador's disqualification from World Cup after one of their players was found guilty of forging a fake birth certificate. It didn't take long to prove that Byron Castillo was born in Colombia, and not in Ecuador. However, FIFA revoked the ban.

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We take a look at five countries that were banned from participating in the World Cup by FIFA.

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South Africa  (1961-1992)South Africa was banned from the FIFA World Cup in 1961, because of their apartheid law, when teams were segregated on the basis of skin colour. The ban was lifted in 1992, after the apartheid era ended. Eighteen years later, they hosted their first World Cup. 

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Mexico (1990 World Cup)The 1990 World Cup in Italy came in the midst of a two-year ban on Mexico  from all tournaments under the purview of FIFA. Mexico was reportedly guilty of flouting the age-limit rule of the federation for four of their players.

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Chile (1994 World Cup)In a match against Brazil, Chile's goalkeeper Roberto Rojas claimed to be hurt by flares. But, it was soon discovered that Rojas had intentionally hurt himself. As a result, Chile was banned from playing at the 1994 World Cup.

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Myanmar -(2006 World Cup)Myanmar's Football Association withdrew from the World Cup qualifying fixture against Iran, which was scheduled to be played in Iran. As a result, FIFA levied a hefty fine on the team and struck off their name from the 2006 World Cup.

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Russia (2022 World Cup)Shortly before Russia was scheduled to clash against Poland, a war broke out in the country, and they were banned from the 2022 World Cup for invading Ukraine.