6 Upcoming Hollywood Movie Releases In April 2023

Image Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures

Much like March, the month of April has a string of entertaining movies awaiting a release across Indian theatres and OTT platforms. Based on the announcements made by the production houses, here is a list of movie releases that are worth keeping an eye out on:

Image Credits: Universal Pictures

The Super Mario Bros.This Mario adventure film, which is based on the classic video game series, is slated to hit theaters on April 7. The movie centres around the tale of Mario and Luigi fighting off evil to rescue the captured princess.

Image Credits: Netflix

AirScheduled to release on April 5, this sports biographical drama is directed by Ben Affleck. The narrative follows the life of a Nike shoe salesman, who convinces Michael Jordan to sign a deal with them, which eventually births the iconic Air Jordan line.

Image Credits: Sony Pictures Releasing

The Pope’s ExorcistAnother one on the list is a supernatural horror movie, which takes  inspiration from An Exorcist: More Stories & An Exorcist Tells His Story by Gabriel Amorth. The plot revolved around a father, who discovers atruth that the Vatican has kept hidden for years. The movie releases on April 14.

Image Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures

Evil Dead RiseThe fifth instalment in the Evil Dead franchise is all set to release on April 21. The protagonists discover a mysterious book hidden in their house. Upon opening it, several flesh-possessing demons take over their life.

Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

The CovenantAnother film releasing with Evil Dead Rise series is this action thriller one. Set against the backdrop of the Afghanistan war, the heartwarming story sheds light on a deep friendship between a US sergeant and a local citizen in the war-struck area. 

Image Credits: Disney+

Peter Pan & WendyThe long awaited release from the Peter Pan franchise is finally getting screen space in 2023. This film will stream on Disney+ from April 28. The storyline revolves around Peter Pan, who clearly doesn’t want to grow up. However, things take a sharp turn when he travels to Neverland.