5 Iconic Cars Which Are Now Electric

Image Credits: Porsche

Porsche made major announcements recently, confirming that its upcoming Cayenne model will be launched with an electric derivative. This is in line with the brand’s intention of switching to complete electric mobility by 2030. That said, we’ve taken a look at similar iconic models which have opted for electric powertrains in the last few years.

Image Credits: Dodge

Dodge Charger Daytona SRTGone is the iconic howl of the 8-cylinder Daytona SRT, well sort off. The company in the past few years announced the Dodge Charger will be switching to an electric-only powertrain, heralding the end of its iconic V8 motor. But fret not, Dodge did confirm that it’ll “recreate the sound” using onboard electronics.

Image Credits: Ford

Ford F-150 LightningThe Ford F-150 has been the face of American Automobile culture for decades now, thanks to its easy availability and no-nonsense reliability. Imagine the shockwave it sent when Ford announced an all-electric version of the same. For what it's worth though, the F-150 lightning does pack a more powerful 580PS-powered motor compared to its earlier 430PS-powered ICE engine, helping it accelerate from 0 to 100kmph in just four seconds.

Image Credits: Ford

Ford Mustang Mach-EAlong with the F-150, Ford announced the electric version of its Mustang series, making several key changes. This includes a four-door SUV silhouette with more storage space, compared to the muscle car the brand has been synonymous with.  

Image Credits: GMC

GMC Hummer EVPerhaps the biggest shock came when GMC announced its gas-guzzling SUV, the Hummer will be opting for greener and cleaner pastures. The Hummer EV still retains its rugged reputation though, with large 35-inch all-terrain wheels, off-road capabilities and overall impressive road presence.

Image Credits: BMW

Mini Cooper SE ElectricProbably an offering that makes the most sense, the Mini Cooper SE Electric was always designed to beat city congestion and be a handy daily driver. Switching to an electric powertrain, it has further become an attractive option for those looking to commute in luxury.

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