5 Important iOS 16.3 Updates You Should Be Aware Of   

Image Credits: Apple

Security Keys  With Apple’s unwavering focus on security and privacy, the iOS 16.3 update now allows for the option to add a third-party physical security key to the user's account. If implemented, it’ll act as an authentication device when logging in or accessing the Apple ID from a different device.  

Image Credits: Apple

Unity Wallpaper  Following its yearly tradition, the Cupertino-based company has added a new Unity wallpaper and watch face for its devices. Perhaps the mainstay of the recent update, the Unity wallpaper is introduced to celebrate Black History Month, which takes place in February  

Image Credits: Apple

HomePod Support  Yet another important update comes in the form of support for the second-generation HomePod, which was introduced last week. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering the new HomePod add a host of features over its predecessor like a new touch interface, humidity and temperature sensing and more.  

Image Credits: Apple

Emergency SOS Changes  Perhaps the most understated yet the continent update comes in the form of the new placement of the Emergency SOS button. Users will now have to hold down the power button with either the volume up or down button and release it to place the call, thus reducing the amount of accidental SOS calls.   

Image Credits: Mac Rumours

iPhone 14 Pro Max Display Fix  Specific to the bigger iPhone 14 Pro Max model, some users had reported horizontal lines temporarily appearing on the screen after being powered on. Apple claims that the new iOS 16.3 update ought to fix the issue.   

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