6 Iconic Characters Played By Kevin Conroy’ Besides Voice Acting For Batman

Image Credits: Kevin Conroy Page/Instagram

Hollywood actor Kevin Conroy breathed his last at 66. After a short yet excruciating battle with cancer, he departed for his heavenly abode.

Image Credits: Kevin Conroy/Instagram

Apart from being the voice of the animated television series Batman, he has been involved in other noteworthy projects as well. Here are a few such examples.

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The Office Conroy played the role of Steve Gilman in this 1995’s American sitcom. It was a comedy version of the British series Upstairs, Downstairs.

Image Credits: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Ben 10: Alien Force One of the most popular series on Cartoon Network, Ben 10 also featured Kevin Conroy as Bellicus in the episode X = Ben + 2.

Image Credits: Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution

Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? Conroy voiced the character of Bruce Wayne/ Batman in the episode What a Night, For a Dark Knight! where Batman helps Mystery Inc. from Man-Bat.

Image Credits: Viacom Media Networks

Welcome to the Wayne He voiced the role of Prismal who is a cyborg and works with the main antagonist in the second season of the show.

Image Credits: Powerhouse Animation Studios

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Conroy was also the voice of Mer-Man in The Most Dangerous Man in Eternia episode. Mer-Man is the villain who attacks the heroes with Aquatica forces.

Image Credits: A. G. Films (P) Ltd.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Interestingly, Conroy was also the voice of Hordak in the last episode of the series. Hordak was the supervillain that had turned against Skeletor who was once his mentor.