5 Teammates of Lionel Messi Who Will Be Playing Their Last FIFA World Cup In 2022

Image Credits: Argentina/Twitter

Lionel Messi has confirmed that the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be his last. Messi has played four editions of the World Cup, since his debut in 2005. He has scored 90 goals in 164 games.

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We take a look at some other colleagues of Messi who will be playing their last World Cup.

Image Credits: Uruguay/Twitter

Luis Suarez, Uruguay

Image Credits: Uruguay/Twitter

Luis Suarez, 35, is now playing for Nacional in Uruguay. There were no buyers for him in Europe's top leagues after he was released by Atletico Madrid. Like his good friend Messi, Suarez will be playing his last World Cup in Qatar.

Image Credits: Football Espana/Twitter

Sergio Busquets, Spain

Image Credits:  Sergio Busquets/Twitter

Sergio Busquets' 14-year-long association with Barcelona is likely to come to an end next season. While Barcelona may struggle to find his replacement, Spain have no dearth of midfielders to fill in the shoes vacated by Busquets, who will be playing his last World Cup in Qatar.

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Angel Di Maria, Argentina

Image Credits: Argentina/Twitter

Angel Di Maria will also bid adieu to his international career soon after playing what would be the last World Cup of his illustrious career.

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Jordi Alba, Spain

Image Credits: Football Spain /Twitter

At 33, Jordi Alba can still be a valuable option for any team he plays, or else Juventus wouldn't be targetting him. But it's very difficult for him to retain his place in the national squad after this year's World Cup, as Spain will be building for the future.

Image Credits: France Football/Twitter

Antoine Griezmann, France

Image Credits: French Football/Twitter

It's safe to imagine Antoine Griezmann playing his last FIFA World Cup in 2022. Not age, but his fluctuating form is  what's been perceived as the major hindrance.