Backstreet Boys And Their Net Worth: Who's The Richest Of 'Em All?

Image Credits: HBO Max

The 90s kids clearly cannot keep calm as Backstreet Boys is all set to perform in India as part of their upcoming gig—DNA World Tour 2023.  The famed American band will reportedly be performing live in Mumbai and Delhi on May 4 and 5. While fans have their fingers crossed, here's taking a look at their individual net worth: 

Image Credits: AJ Mclean/Instagram

AJ McLeanFrom an aspiring dancer to becoming the ‘Bad Boy’ of the famed band, McLean's hustle has translated to cartloads of money in his bank. His estimated net worth stands at $30 million today.

Image Credits: Nick Carter/Instagram

Nick CarterIn 2002, Carter took a break from the band to focus on his solo career. However, three albums later, the 43-year-old was back in the band. His net worth is reportedly $35 million, and a lot has to do with his stint on the popular reality tv show, House of Carters.

Image Credits: Kevin Richardson/Instagram

Kevin RichardsonWhile his claim to fame is obviously the band, Richardson struck gold after landing brand campaigns with luxury giants like Tag Heuer and Versace. His net worth reportedly stands at $40 million today.

Image Credits: Howie Dorough/Instagram

Howie DoroughMuch like the other members of the band, Dorough also explored other avenues. From running a real estate development firm to appearing in movies, he did it all. His reported net worth amounts to $40 million today.

Image Credits: Brian Littrell/Instagram

Brian LittrellLast but not the least, Littrell has been pegged as the richest Backstreet Boy of the band with a reported net worth of $45 million. Apart from all the money that he's made with the band, the American singer also sold a million copies of his solo album, Welcome Home in 2005.