6 Unique Symbols Of Love And Their Lesser-Known Facts

Image Credits: Zen Kodaiji Temple/Instagram

There goes a popular saying that indeed all is fair in love, war and competition. While it's a debatable statement, we're currently focussed on taking a look at some of the world's most iconic symbols of love and their lesser-known backstories. Scroll away!

Image Credits: Taj Mahal Official/Instagram

Taj MahalThe centuries-old Taj Mahal remains an architectural marvel. But, did you know that the ivory-white mausoleum reportedly houses a lamp that has Lord Curzon's name inscribed on it? Well, now you do!

Image Credits: AG Photographe

Eiffel TowerWhile a trip to Paris is often considered incomplete without a pic in front of the Eiffel Tower, the global symbol of love was almost built in Barcelona! And, at one point in time, it was the world's largest billboard. 

Image Credits: Christian Ludwig Stieglitz

Symphony No. 88Music maestro Joseph Haydn composed this melody for his love–countess Maria Anna. This timeless masterpiece premiered in 1787 and continues to inspire millions the world over to love harder. 

Image Credits: Paisley.is

Coats Memorial TowerThomas Coats, a Scottish philanthropist and thread manufacturer, built this magnificent tower for his wife Margaret. Situated in Paisley, the structure resembles a countryside castle from the medieval era. 

Image Credits: Graphica Artis

The Kiss PaintingConsidered one of the most popular paintings of the Art Nouveau movement, the Kiss Painting by Gustav Klimt is an artistic portrayal of a torrid love that existed between Klimt and Emilie Floge. 

Image Credits: Zen Kodai Ji/Instagram

Kodai-Ji TempleSituated in Japan, this Zen Buddhist temple was built by Kita no Mandokoro—wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshiin, a historical figure, in 1605.  t is widely believed that they've both been enshrined at the temple.