3 Times Magnus Carlsen Got Defeated By Indian Teenagers

Image Credits:  Magnus Carlsen/Twitter

Magnus Carlsen needs no introduction. At 22, Carlsen became the youngest ever to be crowned the World Champion, by beating Vishwanathan Anand. He has defended his crown four times ever since, before deciding to not defend it again this year.

Image Credits: Magnus Carlsen/Twitter

Carlsen, however, has had a very eventful year, with the highlight being his defeat to Hans Niemann. While the result of that game is still under investigation, with cheating allegations gaining steam against Niemann, Carlsen has suffered a few more shocking defeats, all to the Indian teenagers.

Image Credits: Magnus Carlsen/Twitter

Let's take a look at all the Indian teenagers who have defeated Magnus Carlsen at least once in their fledgling careers.

Image Credits: ChesszCom/Twitter

Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa

Image Credits: Chessbase/Twitter

R Praggnanandhaa created a stir in the chess world when he became the youngest grandmaster to beat Carlsen, earlier this year. He has achieved the same feat twice in the space of a month between July-August, with the latest being at the coveted Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. 

Image Credits: Chess World

Arjun Erigaisi

Image Credits: ChessCom/Twitter

Arjun Erigaisi, 19, registered his first victory over Carlsen at Aimchess Rapid online chess tournament. Only a couple of months ago, Erigaisi failed to put resistance to Carlsen, but this time it took him 54 moves to do the unthinkable.

Image Credits: ChessBase

D Gukesh

Image Credits: ChessBase

D GukeshHours after Arjun beat Carlsen, another Indian prodigy Gukesh D broke Praggnanandhaa's record of the youngest player to beat Magnus Carlsen. Earlier this year, Gukesh became the youngest Indian to break into the top 100 rankings. With this win, Gukesh has moved to No. 3 in the Aimchess standings. 

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