7 Upcoming DC Movies You May Not Know About

Image Credits: Warner Bros

With Black Adam hitting the theatres this Friday and top executive Walder Hamada exiting WB, the DC Cinematic Universe is headed for a state of restructuring right now. While we know the upcoming Flash, Aquaman and Joker movies are already in stages of development, here are seven DC films whose future appears to be in limbo.   

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WONDER WOMAN 3  Wonder Woman 1984 may not have vowed critics, but it certainly did get the numbers at the Box Office. Hot on the heels of its commercial success, the suits at Warner Bros greenlit a third movie last year with Patty Jenkins. As of April, Gadot has confirmed that it is still in development with “all wheels are working and turning.”  

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THE BATMAN 2  Matt Reeves brought back the caped crusader to his detective self in last year’s The Batman. Following its success, a sequel is already in the works with Robert Pattinson reprising his role and Cort of Owls rumoured to feature as the main bad guys.   

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THE OTHER BATMAN  Yes, there’s ANOTHER Batman movie in development as well, which will supposedly be based on the events of the upcoming Flash movie. What remains to be seen is if we’ll see Ben Affleck returning to the role or Michael Keaton taking over as the grizzled caped crusader.   

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GREEN LANTERN CORPS  Announced a long time ago, the Green Lantern Corp movie still appears to be in development, with veteran Geoff Johns taking over the writing and producing responsibilities. If rumours are to be believed, Ryan Reynolds is set to appear in the (in)famous green suit again. Let’s just hope it's not CGI this time.   

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SUPERGIRL  While a Supergirl movie may not be everyone's cup of tea, the director attached to it may spark some interest among the sceptics. Cloverfield Paradox’s Oren Uziel is supposedly writing a script based on the Girl of Steel, Karan. While details are yet unclear, Sasha Calle is reportedly already shooting for her cameo in the Flash movie.

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CYBORG  With Walter Hamada’s exit, Ray Fisher may finally be willing to return as Cyborg in his standalone movie, after his role was written out of the upcoming Flash movie. As of yet though, no director or writer has been attached to the project. We believe it may be a while before we hear any murmurs again.   

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UNTITLED JARED LETO JOKER PROJECT  Since we already have two Batmans, it’s only fair that we get two Jokers as well. As per the rumour mill, Jared Leto appears to be working on his own solo Joker movie, similar to Margot Robbie’s involvement in Birds of Prey.