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Guys generally tend to pay attention to the nuances and nitty-gritty involved in the lead up to sex, but often end up ignoring the other person’s expectations during it. So here we lay down the absolute no-no’s for you beginners during intercourse  

Protest/Talk too much

Once you guys are in the mood, the last thing you want to do is annoy her by protesting to her choices. If she wants to switch off the light, do it. If she wants some music, turn it up. Also, avoid getting too chatty in the middle of action. It often kills the mood.

Treat it like porn

We know you’ve seen a lot of porn and have developed weird fantasies; and want to bring them to life with this woman. But unless she’s also game for it, avoid being too pushy. Unless you want to restrict yourself to just the porn, that is. 

Offer criticism

Different people have different demands from sex. But there is a specific time to verbally communicate it to your partner if they’re not fulfilling yours, which is definitely not in the middle of sex. Save your expert analysis for the cuddling, by when she will be more receptive to it.

Surprise climax

If you can’t control anymore during intercourse or even oral sex, you should definitely let your partner know. They will most probably be in the line of firing, so the least that they deserve is a small heads up.

Biting during the week

So basically, people have jobs. And they don’t want to go explaining ‘how an insect bit them’ at work next day. That’s why please avoid leaving hickeys during the week since you also don’t want to spend too much time applying makeup/toothpaste on them in the morning. 

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