If you’re riding a motorcycle of any sort, wearing the right gear is essential, whether you’ve just bought a new motorcycle, or are someone who’s been riding for many years. The good part is that there are plenty of gear manufacturers in the country now, and across a wide range of prices, even online (some riders prefer shopping from stores to be sure of the fit).

You should also keep in mind that even racers and professionals, who can afford Dainese 2-piece suits or a set of Alpinestars leathers, don’t cover each and every part of their body with armour, because you simply can’t save yourself from everything. With that proviso, we’ve prepared a list of the best riding protection that you can lay your hands on, across different segments.


A healthy mind resides inside a healthy lid, so you had better invest properly in your helmet, which can range from anywhere around Rs 4,000-5,000 to the premium ones, priced well over Rs 20,000. For starters, you can look at the Spanish manufacturer MT. The Axxis range from the helmet maker starts at around Rs 4,500 and comes as a welcome alternative to the LS2 range. On the expensive side of the spectrum are the likes of Bell, Shark and AGV, most of which can be ordered online as well.


Choosing the right jacket can be a difficult decision, with multiple fabrics, ventilation and other features to pick from. The most widely-known of these is the leather jacket, which is the most durable and abrasion resistant. However, for average Indian weather conditions, leather isn’t suitable. So, you could opt for textile ones, which with their mesh fabrics and other woven material offer impressive weight savings. The (JazzMyRide) Scoyco AM02-2 makes for a safe and stylish entry-level jacket at Rs 5,999 while the CE Level 2 protected ADVBreed takes things up a notch, at Rs 7,950.


Some reviewers have rated the TBG Sport gloves as one of the safest, most comfortable and most versatile fullgauntlet leather gloves on offer. At Rs 4,950, they provide the same level of protection as some Rs 15,000 ones do. More affordable options in the market include DSG Phoenix, Rynox and Scoyco (JazzMyRide).


Most riders generally don’t go as far as buying riding boots for safety, but if you’re gearing up for a long journey, or maybe a blast around a racetrack, then it’s definitely a must-have. RJays come for around Rs 9,000, while Sidi and Alpinestars are the more popular options in the premium segments.


The Scoyco (JazzMyRide) riding jeans are a dapper pair, with stretchable material on the crotch and knee positions. There’s also an outer gear bag on the knees, and a bronze metal skull buckle, which makes for a practical buy at Rs 7,499. At a similar price, the Aspidia Proteus offers a CE-rated kneeprotected option.


Most back protectors in riding jackets fail to cushion blows from crashes, and that’s the reason behind the resulting tailbone injuries. You can thus look for any standard CE approved protector to add to the safety of your spine. The other add-on products that one can buy include ear plugs, for protecting your eardrums, neck scarves to cut wind noise and fend off insects, and dog tags for emergency situations.