We’re all suckers for cars in an all-black paint job, but BMW just changed the game with their new Vantablack colour. 

The X6 is a sleek SUV, and that is thanks to its aggressive big front kidney grille, coupe-like design, big black alloy wheels and the cuts and lines throughout the whole body. But the new Vantablack is so dense and dark, that it absorbs all the cuts and lines and makes the car look two-dimensional. Vantablack is made from microscopic bits of carbon, where carbon nanotubes are used to create one of the darkest substances on Earth.



BMW collaborated with Surrey NanoSystems, a company that stumbled onto Vantablack a few years back, to spray its new X6 in a newer version of the substance named VBX2. 



This is a one-off X6 as for now and the car will be displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year. The new X6 will definitely attract a lot of people to the BMW stand at the show to witness this level of black for themselves. BMW has not yet revealed any plans to make this Vantablack option commercially available on their other cars as of now. 

Watch the video of the X6 being sprayed in the world’s darkest black below: 


(Picture Credits – BMW)