German-based retailer BTSN and customization workshop IMPULS teamed up to unveil a one-of-a-kind Ducati 916 inspired completely by the Air Jordan XI.

You don’t always see a superbike being customized based on a classic shoe like the Air Jordan XI. The bike that was chosen to be customized was the Ducati 916 which dominated the racetracks in the 90s.




3D technology was used to replicate the Air Jodan 11 Concord’s classic black and white silhouette. The bike has icy-clear rubber handle bars that was inspired by the sneaker’s outsole. Going over to the side, the bike is seen sporting sports a huge “45”, which is Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls jersey number. 

If all this still wasn’t cool enough for you, the disc brakes of the bike have Jay Z’s “Back like 45” song lyrics engraved on them.



The Air Jordan 11 Concord had a huge re-release this year and this seems like the perfect ode to celebrate the comeback of such a legendary sneaker.




(Image Credit – BTSN)