The Italian sportscar maker seeks to burnish the country’s image following the Covid-19 crisis through a unique photography project.

Italy was one of the first countries to be ravaged by Covid-19. Though other countries fared even worse in the later weeks and months, Italy’s desperate struggle in the early days brought home the devastation of the disease to audiences around the world. As the country limped back to a semblance of normalcy, Automobili Lamborghini, the manufacturer of the legendary sports car, decided to ‘reinvigorate the country’s image and send a positive signal of rebirth’ through a photographic project called ‘With Italy, For Italy’. 21 views for a new drive’ with the idea of highlighting the ethos and uniqueness of the country’s 20 regions.

20 of Italy’s best-known photographers in areas like fashion, cars, street style, design, travel, documentary, and even reportage were commissioned to capture the beauty of the country through art, history, architectural marvels, natural wonders etc. along with the constant presence of a Lamborghini model. The best of Lamborghini, ranging from the Sián Roadster, to Aventador SVJ, Urus Super SUV, Huracán, and Spyder in various versions as well as Miura, Countach, and Diablo are all part of the photospreads, many of which are presented here.

Joining the group was a special invitee, Letizia Battaglia, one of Italy’s greatest photographers, famous for her pictures of the mafia and the Sicilian life in the 1970s and ’80s. Now 85, she was asked to do a special interpretation of her home city, Palermo, which are yet to be released. “This is an initiative embodying the synthesis of quality, excellence, and values that only Italy is capable of encapsulating,” says Katia Bassi, Chief Marketing & Communication Officer of Automobili Lamborghini, “social responsibility is an integral part of our business approach. We proved it during the emergency phase when we converted our production to manufacture masks and protective face screens, and we’re doing the same now, by highlighting the unique and extraordinary treasures that Italy can proudly boast.”

Basilicata, featuring an Aventador, by Camilla Ferrari
Basilicata, featuring an Urus, by Camilla Ferrari
Lazio, featuring an Aventador, by Anna di Prospero
Marche, featuring a Diablo, by Wolfango Spaccarelli
Marche, featuring a Diablo, by Wolfango Spaccarelli
Molise, featuring an Urus, by Roselena Ramistella
Puglia, featuring an Aventador SVJ Roadster, by Gabriele Micalizzi
Sardegna, featuring a Miura, by Davide de Martis
Abruzzo, featuring an Huracán EVO Spyder, by Valentina Sommariva