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Jaguar Land Rover’s New Mood-Detection Tech Will Help Reduce Driver Stress

The system will detect the driver’s facial expressions and accordingly change the settings within the car to lift up the mood of the driver

Carmakers are constantly working on and improving the kind of tech they implement in their vehicles. The focus has either been on making the more revolutionary piece of tech or developing systems that help make the drive safer for the passengers in the car. And Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has revealed a new piece of technology that deals with the latter.

JLR has been testing a new AI-based mood detection system that studies the facial expressions of the driver and analyzes them to adjust the in-car settings. 

The technology uses a driver-facing camera and biometric sensing to monitor and study the driver’s mood to accordingly adjust specific settings like air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, media and ambient lighting. The system aims to reduce the driver’s stress and help in their overall mental well-being. 

The AI system will adapt according to the subtle nuances captured from the driver’s face. Along a period of time, the system will also learn a driver’s preference and make increasingly tailored adjustments.



Personalisation settings include changing the ambient lighting to calming colours if the system detects the driver is under stress, selecting a favourite playlist if signs of weariness are identified and lowering the temperature in response to yawning or other signs of tiring.

JLR is also working on a similar form of technology for rear passengers, with a camera mounted in the headrest. If the system detects signs of tiredness, it dims the lights, tints the windows and raises the temperature in the back to help the occupant go to sleep.