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Maserati Unveils An Exclusive Quattroporte GranLusso One Of One In Shanghai

The Italian carmaker created this exclusive Quattroporte GranLusso for one of its VIP customers

The Shanghai Auto Show kicked off in all its glory this week and carmakers made sure to put their best wheel forward. But one stood out from all of them.

Maserati unveiled a line of luxury cars at the auto show, but everybody’s eyes were glued to a unique Quattroporte GranLusso One Of One car. The car was custom-made by Maserati Centro Stile in collaboration with a VIP customer, Mr. Xuan Feng.



The Maserati Centro Stile guided Mr. Feng through the process of configuring his car, carrying out a collaborative customization operation which enabled the customer to actively participate in the creative process. Maserati now only allowed the customer to select the accessories and the configuration, but even made sure he was fully involved in the personalization of his own car.

This was an exclusive project in which Xuan Feng told the Maserati Centro Stile his own personal story, including his passions and goals in life, to help translate all of that into the body and heart of the car. Everything from the colour, to the leather used, every element used in the car helps convey a small part of one man’s story.



The Quattroporte GranLusso One Of One features an exterior colour specially created for the customer, which was a light blue with opaque trim that almost perfectly captured his personality and lifestyle.

The central console, the dashboard and door panels are made from 100% natural burl wood, characterized by a denim light blue colour, recalling the exterior and creating a sophisticated impression. This particular burl was used for the very first time on a car.

This Maserati Quattroporte GranLusso One Of One is a proud example of what the carmaker is capable of when it comes to hand-in-hand customizations. Maserati is intensifying its focus on customization showcasing it’s innate Italian characteristics by combining quality craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated design into all of its custom-made cars.